Barcode scanner for iOS

I am running iOS 16 on my iPhone 13. When I scan a barcode using the shortcut, Zotero page opens up in Safari and shows an error message. It just says "An error occured". Zotero app is installed and logged in. Shortcut app never opens the Zotero app itself.
  • That shortcut is from years ago and doesn't have anything to do with the iOS app.

    Some ISBN lookups are currently failing due to a change on the WorldCat site, so that's most likely all you're seeing. We're trying to fix it. ISBNs that can be resolved from other sources (e.g., Library of Congress) will still work.
  • Thanks for the response! I don't know what changed since yesterday but I was able to scan the same barcode and save to my library today. Perhaps it was a temporary glitch with the ISBN lookup server? Or my internet connection? Anyways, it seems to be working fine now.
  • Yes, the ISBN lookup just got fixed earlier today.
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    Just to note, a barcode scanner is now available in Zotero 1.0.4 for iOS, so it's no longer necessary to use the iOS shortcut described in the post link above.
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