Question: Note tag of zotero

Thanks for the update of Zotero 6.0.14, which is very meaningful. In particular, pdf annotation tags can be displayed and filtered in item tags; However, at present, this function can only filter one or more notes with this tag, but cannot display the content! So, I still have an idea: how to quickly lock part of the content in a note through the pdf annotation tag, or filter the content of the same tag in multiple notes?
  • Not sure I understand, but PDF annotations will be viewable in the library view in a future update.
  • thanks, When I filter annotation tags in the item tags, I want to lock the content corresponding to the tag. For example, if I save a space map of an article as a note and label it "Map", how can I directly present this space map at a certain location in Zotero through the label "Map". When there is a label "map" in the notes of multiple articles, how can I intuitively present all spatial maps of different articles, so that I can compare the characteristics and differences of these spatial maps. At present, through the "Map" tag, I can only know which article notes, and I need to click the notes of each article again to view the location of the space map. This is similar to the word query function, which can not only directly lock the specific location of a word, but also know the frequency and related content of the word in the left column.
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