Broken hyperlink in a PDF file

edited September 29, 2022
I cannot click on the hyperlink of Ref. 12 in the PDF file of the following article:
Chashechkin, Y. D., & Ilinykh, A. Y. (2022). Evolution of Shapes of the Subsequence Cavities from the Impact of a Free-Falling Drop. Doklady Physics, 67(1), 15–22.
The hyperlink is working fine when opening the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat or in Chrome.

If I copy the text of the link in the Zotero PDF Viewer, it inserts some spaces:
http s://d 4/fdmp.2020.0 9168
For the other links, I can click on the DOI part, but not on the http part "". The full link is clickable in external PDF readers. I would prefer keeping the full link clickable.

Can these be fixed?

Using Zotero 6.0.14-beta.6+a7e6fc330
On Windows 10
PDF file send to the support email address if needed, with reference to this post.
  • We'll soon fix the issue where link isn't fully clickable. But the spacing issue is more complicated, and relatively rare, therefore it'll only be addressed in future when we rewrite our text extraction engine.
  • Thank you very much for your reply.
    Is it useful to report here or by email if I see more examples of the spacing issue, or do you already have enough data to characterize the problem?
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