Multiple Language citations with Zotero

I am starting to find that Juris-M is not keeping up with the latest versions of Zotero and fear that some time in the future the two may become incompatible.

Can someone tell me what progress there has been in Zotero and simple CSL to allow for multiple language citations as in Juris-M?

I need Russian citations so would need a record in Cyrillic script, a version in Library of Congress Transliteration Latin script and a version in English Latin scipts.

For other citations I would need a record in Romanian/Hungarian/Germany/etc Latin script and English Latin script.

How far are we away from this?
  • In all likelihood, this will just not become part of regular Zotero (there's a relevant thread here with dstillman chiming in on this) -- a motivated group or individual would need to turn the relevant Juris-m features into an add-on (which is very much possible, though obviously a lot of work)
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