What is number in column?

I would like to know what "number" in column means. I wish to give ID no. each post. And how can I find out ID no. which are automatically genereate by Zotero?
  • Number is just a regular item field. You can see what it's called in different item types by hovering over "Number" in the list of conditions in the Advanced Search window (but basically it's just the various fields that include the word "Number").
  • Thank you for the answer. OK, then is it possible to register "number" manually?
  • I don't know what you mean by that. Again, it's just an item field — the editable fields in the right-hand pane.
  • Thank you. Yes, to make this fields with right-hand pane is OK.
    I wished to register my own ID-no. for each entries in "Number" fields, not with import, when I wrote question here. But I can now use "Extra" for this purpose, thanks for suggestion from my colloeague.
  • Yes, you should only use the Number field for numbers that would appear in a citation. Personal ID labels should go in Extra.
  • Thanks again. Good to be comfirmed!
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