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  • That's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious :-) I'm not sure what the dstillman comment @github implies though ...
  • Solved this with the help of our IT-staff. In RDF.js , line 985 //issue, we added two if's: if (container || newItem.seriesTitle == 'Our specific string' || newItem.seriesTitle == 'Our other specific string') This gets the reportnumber (MARC 088…
  • While I got the Notes to work, I'm struggling with the Report Number now ... Based on a Zotero RDF export we were able to make the RDF import work, except for the Report Number. With ItemType Report the Zotero RDF export generates this tag: pri…
  • Yes, I think so. Thank you for asking and Zotero in general !
  • Yes there is :-) First try to read this: and then do this: bib:Report rdf:ID="xxx" dcterms:isReferencedBy rdf:resource="xxx" bib:Memo rdf:about="xxx"
  • We didn't plan on it, like you suggested, but now that Spring 2019 is here :-) I hope you don't mind me asking again regarding the self-hosted version and it's status and/or release date. Thank you!
  • Thank you for your immediate reaction and explanation. From previous comments I read there is no actual ETA for the Docker; is it realistic to still put our hopes on this year?
  • By changing the tag to: NLR-TP-2018-013 importing works the way it should! Rinze's post got me on the right track: Thanks!