• Activated the classic view and am at least now able to access the citation. Longer workaround but at least do-able - thanks for the tip. Looking forward to resolve the original issue, let me know if you need any further info.
  • To start typing in the edit field, you have to press jaws key (insert) and Z, it will say "quick keys off", then you type the citation you want. normally, it would read the first option, and when pressing the down arrow you will go to the next optio…
  • Using latest jaws and latest Zotero update, the drop down list is not spoken anymore, so no can do selecting in text citations anymore. I go to the zotero menu, find add/edit citation, then deactivate quick keys, and now if i start typing the autho…
  • Using latest version of firefox and Zotero, and the control shift S key does not bring up the zotero item selector anymore. Is there any other way of getting to the item selector with screenreading software using screenreader software? Using Jaws 1…