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  • I also just got automatically updated on one laptop and was wondering how to edit tables and formatted text copied from a website in the new version (6.0.8). Does anyone have a link for that part of the manual? It seems to me the more 'conservativ…
  • That works for now; thanks a lot! I don't think I do, but why do you say that I may be running two copies of Zotero? (I just have my Data Directory on the desktop for easy access because I'm slowly creating an external Base Directory in order to mi…
  • Thanks a lot for your reply. Unfortunately other specialized software won’t work on later versions than 10.9. That’s a bummer, because Zotero was working perfectly until the last update. I could try to revert to the previous working version; when …
  • oh yeah, that improves quite a bit! Thanks! I
  • Hi Zoteroists, First of all the usual thanks that you totally deserve :) I use zotero even though it takes up to 25 seconds at times to search for an article or reference, or add a tag or related-article in my databasase (a large one at t…
  • ok, many thanks! It seems then that a logical improvement to zotero would be to make collections searchable items (something rather logical for a large tree) Best
  • Dear fbennet, I've been trying to understand how this plug-in works for the last two months, but so far the choice of folders the system makes when clicking on the (back-)arrow seems quite random, rather than a true chronological history of my …