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  • Hey @jbpyn after a fair bit of messing around I managed to get the Zotero Shortcut working on my iPad. I tried to buy you a coffee today and the page said you need to choose a payment mechanism before I can submit.
  • @fbennett Of course. All the best.
  • @adamsmith Frankly, the reason there is no better way is lack of commitment/engagement from the legal profession. That's the point of my feedback - in their current state I can't recommend Zotero/JurisM for lawyers and legal academics, and without t…
  • @adamsmith I am not trying to give any specific feedback on problems with JurisM. I used it for long enough to establish that, given the interface, it's not realistic for me to recommend this to my colleagues and senior staff. My feedback is real…
  • Hi Adam and Dan, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Adam, it says "Error processing uploaded data". Dan, the Date Added value is 11/8/13 01:14:08. I've enabled debugging and hit the sync button. The error recurred, so I hit submit to ser…
  • Hi Aurimas, sure, happy to help out. I posted about it here with a report ID: http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/25913/zotero-chokes-on-import-from-endnote/ I'll send the RIS to your e-mail. Cheers, D.
  • That's great to hear - didn't get file attachments and tags seem to have merged but otherwise it's all good.
  • Yes, they are. I went back to the Bibtex file and this is how they appear: keywords = {Adolescent Adult Aged Early Detection of Cancer/*utilization Female *Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice Humans Middle Aged Papilloma…
  • After I posted I found another thread here where people are talking about editing the SQLite database directly to delete (or truncate) tags (eek) so I hope multiple tag selection/deletion can be added to the list. I need to clarify I'm not su…
  • Oh yes - the reason I needed to delete tags is because Sync is choking on tags that have imported incorrectly and are over 256 char length. For things like Sync, an option to 'remember my answer' for the rename/delete actions would be useful. Othe…