Full Screen Mode?

Is it possible to switch to a "full-screen" mode in Zotero on Windows or Linux? Most apps can be full-screened using "F11" key, however there seems to be no way to do that in Zotero. To read the PDF files within Zotero, full-screen mode is very essential. I still prefer reading my PDFs in an external PDF reader for this reason.
  • I agree. The PDF reader really is superb (as is Zotero!), especially with the horizontal scrolling I can fly through papers. But on my tiny 11" screen, it is all ruined because I cannot have the Zotero toolbar and titlebar hide themselves when my cursor is not over them (as I have set up for the Mac menubar). So 12mm of my 144mm vertical reading area is just wasted. So unfortunately I have to keep using horrible external PDF readers which have this full screen feature.
  • Also, for horizontal scrolling reading (as I use on my big screen machine), a "Zoom to Page Height" button in the toolbar would make a lot of sense (there is already a "Zoom to Page Width" button already there).
  • I think I mean hide "toolbar and tab bar" not "toolbar and title bar". And I notice that "Zoom to Page Height" is in the View Menu, though not in the toolbar. It's been a a while since I have been so pleased with a program, so to all of you who did all this, THANK YOU!
  • "Zoom to Page Height" is also in the context menu, when you right-click within the PDF viewer.
  • Aahhh. That "zoom to page height" is a fantastic option. Didn't know it was there! I was constantly frustrated by the manual zooming which never fit the page height.

    BTW, I have now got almost a full-screen setup in Ubuntu (GNOME) using these 2 extensions:
    1. https://github.com/mlutfy/hidetopbar
    2. https://github.com/pixel-saver/pixel-saver

    Using these extensions I have removed the Gnome top bar and window title bar. It's a much better reading experience now. I have also set the left Gnome dock to auto-hide. This is how my laptop screen looks like now: https://imgur.com/a/wMLLX2N

    For Windows, I was able to hide the title bar using a AutoHotKey script. I don't have the script handy right now (it was on a different laptop). I will post the script later and the screenshot for how my Windows desktop look.

    All that remains to hide is that menu bar now. And we will have a full screen!
  • Here is the autohotkey script to remove the title bar in Windows (works even for Windows 11):

    ;;;;; Hiding the title-bar and the menu-bar
    MsgBox, Removing the titlebar
    WinSet, Style, -0xC00000, A

    MsgBox, Restoring the titlebar
    WinSet, Style, +0xC00000, A
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