Recovering my library

I recently got a new laptop and wiped my previous device where Zotero was installed. I was under the impression it was syncing to my online library, and the Zotero GoogleChrome plug-in remained in place on my Google Chrome.

However, I have followed all of the available instructions and have been unable to locate my data because I was apparently saving documents without having an account? Though I don't understand how that could be possible; how would anything be saved??? Please please let me know if anyone understands how to fix this. All of my citations for my thesis were stored there.
  • Zotero is a local program that saves all data to your computer by default. Creating an account and syncing are completely optional. If you didn't set up syncing, I'm afraid your only option would be to restore from a backup you made of your previous computer (specifically the Zotero data directory).
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