Two Styles in One Word Document

Hello. I have tried searching for an answer in the forums but not been successful.

My university, The Open University, has changed its referencing rules as of this month. For law courses all primary law references such as cases and legislation will be OSCOLA with footnotes. All secondary sources such a textbooks, articles will be Harvard Cite Them Right with in-text citation then a reference list with the full citation at the end of the assignment.

So all our assignments require word documents that will include two referencing styles. Zotero deals with each one superbly and the creation of footnotes is wonderful and painless.

However I need to be able to switch between two styles as I type the document to end up with what my course requires. Am I right that Zotero cannot currently do this?

So I will have to pick which style to use Zotero for and the other one I will have to do the more old-fashioned and laborious way (albeit that the metadata will be handily available to me thanks to Zotero.)
  • Correct, you can't do that. If you have a decent number of law cites, I'd use Oscola with the Word add-on, handwrite the in-text Harvard citations and then copy and paste the Harvard bibliography from Zotero. That's still going to be pretty fast. You could make sure to place every used reference into a collection if you want to be organized about it (and then just generate the whole bibliography from that collection)
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