Continue a paper with Zotero, after Mendely

Hello all,
I wrote most parts of my thesis with Mendeley referencing. Unfortunately, I have a problem with Mendeley, and I want to move to Zotero. I transferred all files to Zotero; my thesis has a reference number within the text with a bibliography at the end. When I add references in Zotero, it does not recognize the previous ones and count from one. How can I continue with Zotero? I mean, if I add some references with this, does it work automatically?
  • Zotero can read the existing Mendeley citations in the document, but those aren't currently linked to imported items from Mendeley. You can continue to select the Mendeley citations from the "Cited" section of the citation dialog search results and you'll see them in your bibliography as you add other items from Zotero to the document.
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