Transferring Individual account to an institutional account

Hello, We have a new staff person who has an existing Individual Subscription account. My institution pays for institutional account. How can this staff person "switch" their individual subscription to and institutional one?
Also, they have attached PDFs, documents in their individual those transfer over too?

Thank you for your time, EJ
  • There are no separate accounts for an Institution subscription, so they won't need to transfer anything.

    The user can add their institutional email address to their Zotero account from the account settings ( and the unlimited storage will automatically be applied.

    If they have an individual storage subscription, it will not be charged as long as they are covered by an active institution subscription.
  • I believe I have been transferred from an individual account to my institutional account. However, I already pre-paid for the year. Will I be reimbursed for for my individual account now that my institution has paid for our access to Zotero?
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