[ios,beta] feature request: back button for within-document links

Thanks a ton for the great iOS app! I gave it a test ride a moment ago and overall the app is looking really smooth. Before I could consider changing it to be my main reader though, I'd really need to have a back-/forward-button system for within-document navigation. What I mean by this is that, for example, when I click a citation link in a document which brings me to the bibliography of the same document, I should somehow be able to jump back to the original position with a click of a button. Ideally there would be a redo stack that would also allow jumping forward as well, but that's not crucial at this point.

Examples from other apps include at least Notability, where there's a small "<" at the bottom-right corner when clicking a link, and OSX's Preview (on desktop), where you can go back with "cmd+[" and forward with "cmd+]".

Happy to help if there's anything I can do to.
  • cmd+[ and cmd+] should already work for this in the most recent beta, have you tried? A button is planned.
  • Thanks a lot for the quick reply, @adamsmith! I was actually referring to the iPad app, for which I guess cmd+[ and cmd+] are not really defined. Your comment must have been referring to the new OSX reader app.

    However, after poking around a bit longer, I eventually discovered that this feature already does exist in the iOS/iPad app as well. For those who might be searching for this, you just have to activate the bottom navigation header by tapping the screen and there's a small "< Page X" button at the bottom left corner.

    So I think this feature request is resolved for now. Thanks again for the great app!
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