text to speech doesn’t read selected text on the new Zotero pdf viewer

The new zotero pdf viewer is awesome, but the “Speak” or the text-to-speech feature on Mac doesn’t work as expected, when selecting a text to read, the text reads from the beginning of the document as if the whole document was selected. Is there an easy fix for this?

  • There is no easy fix, but in future updates we will try to address this. How much text do you normally select to read out? Multiple pages?

    Do other parts of Zotero work well with screen readers or only the PDF reader matters for your workflow?
  • Thank you so much for looking into this. I care only about the PDF reader. I select only one paragraph at a time and read it. I noticed that the first time the Zotero app opens "Read Selected Text" works as expected, after a while, it keeps reading from the very beginning.
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