[Bug] LibreOffice Citations: Adding Citations at the end of a Style doesn't work.

"Zotero experienced an error updating your document.
Would you like to view troubleshooting instructions?"

This is what happens when you try to insert some citations in LibreOffice using the plugin. It seems to only happen when you insert your citation at the end of some styles, where the next paragraph uses a different Style.

For example those two make Zotero output a faulty citation and the error message...
1. First Paragraph (Citation) -> ENTER -> Text Body
2. Heading 2 (Citation) -> ENTER -> Text Body
... while those two work just fine:
1. Text Body (Citation) -> ENTER -> Text Body
2. Text Body (Citation) -> ENTER -> Heading 2

This seems to only happen with ONE SPECIFIC REFERENCE, which I imported from a small .bib file. The second entry of that file doesn't trigger this bug. Here's what the entry looks like, exported from Zotero:
TI - The Sources of Normativity
AU - Korsgaard, Christine M.
AU - O'Neill, Onora
AB - Ethical concepts are, or purport to be, normative. They make claims on us: they command, oblige, recommend, or guide. Or at least when we invoke them, we make claims on one another; but where does their authority over us - or ours over one another - come from? Christine Korsgaard identifies four accounts of the source of normativity that have been advocated by modern moral philosophers: voluntarism, realism, reflective endorsement, and the appeal to autonomy. She traces their history, showing how each developed in response to the prior one and comparing their early versions with those on the contemporary philosophical scene. Kant's theory that normativity springs from our own autonomy emerges as a synthesis of the other three, and Korsgaard concludes with her own version of the Kantian account. Her discussion is followed by commentary from G. A. Cohen, Raymond Geuss, Thomas Nagel, and Bernard Williams, and a reply by Korsgaard.
DA - 1996///
PY - 1996
PB - Cambridge University Press
SN - 978-0-521-55059-8
UR - http://search-ebscohost-com.uaccess.univie.ac.at/login.aspx?direct=true&db=nlebk&AN=552360&site=ehost-live
Y2 - 2019/07/26/
ER -

Linux Mint 20
Zotero 5.0.88
Libre Office
APA7 Citation Style
  • Probably this https://github.com/zotero/zotero-libreoffice-integration/issues/50

    Unfortunately it's a bug in LibreOffice and we have no way to fix it on our end. You can post on the documentfoundation bugtracker, saying that you're affected which will bring attention to it maybe help to move the needle in fixing it.
  • I can post it somewhere else if there's a better place. Would you suggest
    or is this better?
    Or should I post it into both of them?

    Also, how does one recognize whether the bug is a Zotero-bug or a LibreOffice-bug?

    What really confused me was that
    1. Zotero is the thing that says "Error", not LibreOffice
    2. I can only reproduce this Error with this one specific citation.
  • We already have a bug tracking this at the Document Foundation bug tracker https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=124842
    Also, how does one recognize whether the bug is a Zotero-bug or a LibreOffice-bug?
    There's no obvious process, but we look at forum posts here and figure it out case by case.
    1. Zotero is the thing that says "Error", not LibreOffice
    The Zotero plugin is trying to insert a reference, catches an Error from LibreOffice and displays it as an error message. The underlying bug is still in LibreOffice though.
    2. I can only reproduce this Error with this one specific citation.
    The bug is only triggered when inserting a reference that needs rich-text formatting (and a formatting style specifies "next style" in LibreOffice). Rich-text formatting is required when a citation style needs italics/bold etc. to display a citation or when a citation includes latin characters with diatrics. Looking at the exported citation I cannot see any diatrics characters, so probably the former is the problem.
  • Thank you for the thorough reply, I guess I'll hope that they fix the issue then.
    It's kind of annoying if you have a lot of quotes (using a special quote-style) or when utilizing some "First paragraph"-style.
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