New citations are added with a dashed line underneath the citation ID: 37020582

I am writing a thesis using MS word on Mac 10.14.6 and on my large documents I have been working on for multiple years, citing through Zotero no longer works (Zotero has been updated to most recent software). In these large documents, if I insert a citation, it appears in a different font with a dash underline (on a new document citing works normally). On my existing documents more often than not when I attempt to cite the Zotero client pops up to the front of the screen and I cannot make the original citation even when I navigate back to MS word. Help appreciated!
  • Thanks for the reply. I have followed the steps in the document but to no avail. When I have turned automatically update citations off and try to manually refresh the citations through the Zotero tab in Word - nothing happens. Another quirky problem, is when I copy and paste into word every letter is separated by an underscore like so: z_o_t_e_r_o_. I am assuming the two issues are related.
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    Where are you copying from exactly?
  • From anywhere - adobe acrobat, google chrome, MS word etc
  • If there's a problem with pasting text into Word generally, that wouldn't be related to Zotero and you should fix that before trying to fix anything else.

    A dashed underline under citations would be from "Automatically update citations" being disabled. You should be able to test that in a new document to see exactly how it works. If something Zotero-related isn't working in a specific document but it works in new documents, see Debugging Broken Documents.
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