Citations not updated (unlink or deleted) after adding in google drive document

Hi everybody,

I'm using zotero on my google drive documents and since several days I obtained a strange problem.
I added some references a day without a problem and the next day, citation remain on the text but as text and not as zotero link. some citation or all citations are just text now.. I checked on internet but no issues about this. The first time I lost my bibiography due to the use of number in the text and not author name, so, right now I use name of author to retrieve after the good reference when the system breaks, but it's not viable... any idea ?

Thank's a lot
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    Did you (or anyone else) edit this document on a computer without the Zotero Connector installed? If you copy and paste sections of text with citations without Zotero Connector the links to Zotero break.

    You can check for the specific time when it broke by looking into google document revision history.
  • hello,

    I checked history but nothing happen as you described. When it happened I was the only user, and the history helped me just to retrieve the origin biblio with lost references, but no modification were present. I made a backup fo my document and the bibliography, then I made a fresh install of both zotero desktop and zotero app in opera browser.
    At the moment, I had no explanation on this lost, the linux zotero app installed on by computer had some trouble, maybe it was the origin. i will wait if nex trouble appear.
    thank you
  • Oh, we do not officially support the Opera browser with the connector, so it is possible that copying and pasting citations in Google docs with Opera might break your citation links. We recommend to use either Firefox or Chrome.
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