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Hue tourism should buy as a gift, where quality

Hello moms, at the end of August, I will go to Hue to travel 4 days 3 nights. Any mother who has ever gone to Hue can advise you on what to travel to Hue, so what should you buy as a good & famous gift, the more advice you can get to a reputable address, the better your customers will be. Thank you so much, mom
You can refer to the article about Hue tourism here >>>

Hue tourism should buy as a gift?

Hue is an attractive tourist destination that many visitors love when traveling to Central Vietnam. This land has a long history of culture, beautiful and charming natural landscapes and a world-recognized historical complex. For a long time, Hue has become a tourist attraction attracting domestic and foreign tourists.

Hue tourism should buy as a gift, where to buy cheap & reputable? Also a question many tourists are interested in. Here, Hue specialties, the most standard address you can refer to:

Specialties as gifts in Hue

Me Xung: Referring to Hue specialties, you cannot ignore sesame a famous candy of the ancient land. Made from familiar ingredients such as sesame, du lich viet sesame, pea flour, malt, rice cake ... Sesame sesame has many types: sesame sesame packages, sesame crispy sesame, black sesame or sesame boxes ...

If the sesame is so flexible that it can be rolled or folded, then the sesame crispy is covered with a layer of crispy baked pancakes. Black sesame seeds are made from black sesame seeds, sesame seeds are transparent, like mirrors ... This is also a gift that many tourists love to buy as gifts for friends and relatives.

If you do not know where to buy delicious sesame in Hue, you can refer to some addresses below:

Nam Thuan Sesame No. 135 Huynh Thuc Khang Street.
Hong Thuan, 137 Huynh Thuc Khang Street.
Thien Huong 138B Street Chi Lang.
Sesame Thanh Hung. Address: 55 Hoàng Diệu, Tp. Hue.

Nem and tré: What to buy as a gift when you come to Hue? Nem and tré are indispensable dishes in the wedding ceremony of Hue people similar to betel and areca. Tré Hue has a delicious flavor, Company Travel made quite meticulously and elaborately: Pork skin must be added with ginger, garlic, sesame, salt, hearing, sugar mixed squeeze and tightly packed with guava leaves.

You can buy it at the stores on Dao Duy Tu Street, the corner of the bridge and the famous Dong Ba gate and are long-standing. It is very convenient when shopping for Hue gifts, because this is also the area where many famous sesame factories are located in Hue.

In addition, Hue specialty bought as a gift you can refer to such as lotus seeds, areca candy, Thanh Tra grapefruit, Lang Co clam sauce ...

Hue tourism should buy as a gift, where to buy? To buy souvenirs for friends and relatives after a trip to Hue, you can refer to a number of prestigious products and addresses below:

Hue cones, bronze statues, wooden carvings ... are souvenirs in Hue that you can buy to give to relatives. Some addresses you can refer to:

Lacquer painting, souvenir art: Dong Ba lacquer No. 4, Tran Hung Dao street.
Bronze casting products, pictures: Nguyen Phuc Long, No. 8, Hung Vuong street.
Fine-art products and paintings in Huong Duong, 59 Phan Dang Luu Street.
Lacquerware, carved handicrafts, souvenirs in Truong Tien, 51 Tran Hung Dao.
Fine art products, especially fine bone art: Hue Thuong Fine Arts, No. 26/1, Nguyen Cong Tru Street. Tel: 832641.
Phuc Loc Fine Arts, 38 Le Loi Street, specializing in all kinds of fine art products, Tel 825946
High-class embroidery art pictures at the Co Do XQ Silk Embroidery Gallery, No. 81 Tran Hung Dao. Tel: 527642.
Embroidery goods, pictures, No. 7 Hung Vuong street Tel: 823564.
Silk along Le Loi Street and around the Huong Giang Hotel, Century ...

List of famous shopping addresses in Hue
"Going to Hue but not to Dong Ba market is considered as yet." This is a famous shopping address in Hue. Dong Ba Market is diverse and rich with many items, from Hue specialties, fruit products to handicraft products ...

+ Dong Ba market, a commercial center of Thua Thien Hue province. Address: on Tran Hung Dao Street, Tel: 823991, 824663. The cheap, reliable shopping areas in Dong Ba market such as:
Sanh Thanh Ha: bell-hall corridor, Dong Ba market. Specializing in selling sesame, mirror candy, fish sauce, sour shrimp, melaleuca oil, lotus seeds ...
Thu Mai stall: bell-hall corridor, Dong Ba market. Specializes in selling sesame seeds, sour shrimp, shrimp, dried squid, dried lotus seeds.
Dang Khoa stall: located at C Block Dong Ba market, specializing in selling sesame, sour shrimp, royal tea, Tinh Tam lotus seeds ....
Ny Na stall: Lot 7, bell tower hallway at Dong Ba market. Specialize in Hue specialties, especially Bac Thai tea, Hue wine, lotus seeds ...
Aunt Loi squid stalls: Gate No. 2 of Dong Ba market, specializing in dried shrimp, dried squid, dried cow fish, spiced calamari.

In addition, there are some other markets you can visit to buy gifts such as:

An Cuu Market, du lich near An Cuu Bridge, on Hung Vuong street, Tel: 828337.
Ben Ngu Market, near An Cuu Bridge, on the axis of the tomb to visit Phan Boi Chau.
Tay Loc Market, Nguyen Trai Street. The market specializes in selling second hand items, secondhand goods.
Hopefully, with the above information can help you answer the questions about "Hue tourism should buy as gifts, where to buy quality & good price?
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