Zotero Word plug ins unresponsive


As the title suggests, I am having trouble with the Zotero plug in on Word. The plug ins are visible on Word but are unresponsive when I try to add a citation or biblio.

Word 2019 version
Zotero 5.0.74
Debug ID D145007783

Macros are unchecked from Trust Centre an I've tried reinstalling the plug in several times.
  • [JavaScript Error: "Error: Could not remove C:\Users\[…]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP\Zotero.dotm" {file: "resource://zotero-winword-integration/installer.jsm" line: 170}]
    It looks like the plugin may not be getting upgraded (probably due to security software), leaving you with an outdated version. Try the manual installation instructions. (To make sure you're doing it right, I would remove Zotero.dotm first, restart Word to confirm that it's gone, and then reinstall it.)
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