lost files cannot restore from backup

I was deleting an article and somehow I lost my entire folder. I found a backup from yesterday zotero.sqlite and its a BAK file and 34,560 KB. That should be a day old backup. I have gone through the Zotero discussions and just cannot get it to load in. I copied my Zotero folder and renamed Old as well.

What am i doing wrong? I even tried importing and it gives me "an error occurred while trying to import the selected file. Please ensure the file is valid and try again." Only option is to report error?

Anyone please advise if you know what i am doing wrong.


  • Importing isn't supposed to work, so that's normal.

    Could you walk us through
    1) exactly what you're doing, step-by-step and
    2) what exactly is happening -- "cannot get it to load" isn't enough detail for us

    Also, just to be clear, you likely just deleted the collection, not the items in it, which are still going to be in "Unfiled Items"
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