Need to change website citations

I am building a custom style on Chicago where I need to change how web pages are cited.

Currently it is like this:

Mike Baker, “She Quit Her Job. He Got Night Goggles. They Searched 57 Days for Their Dog” The New York Times, September 21, 2019,

As there is a value in date it overwrites the accessed value and the text "accessed". I need to have both date and accessed and I also need to replace the comma after the accessed date/time and put in it's place "from ". So my desired end result should look like this:

Mike Baker, “She Quit Her Job. He Got Night Goggles. They Searched 57 Days for Their Dog”, September 21, 2019, The New York Times, accessed September 23, 2019 from

I appreciate your help with this.
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    The Chicago manual specified that accessed dates not be used because they aren’t very useful. I would also recommend storing this item as a Newspaper Article, not a Webpage.

    Edit: It would be best for you to keep all your questions for the custom style you are preparing in the same thread:
  • I am not concerned about this item in general - I just picked as an example for a website that has a date to an article. Is there a way to work around this limitation in Chicago?
  • You need to add a reference to the variable “accessed” which gives the access date.
  • Can you tell me where I would do that?
  • @adamsmith would be a better guide. As you have seen, the Chicago style is really complex, and I haven’t ever worked with it
  • Thanks - sorry about spreading my questions in many threads. But now I have asked all I need to ask - just trying to solve those issues still.
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    Again, only in basic terms, but find where the style references URL and then change that to

    <group delimiter=" ">
    <text term="accessed"/>
    <date variable="accessed" form="text" date-parts="year-month-day"/>
    <text term="from"/>
    <text variable="URL"/>
  • This is almost there. My only problem now is that if there is no value in the date, then I get this result:

    accessed September 23, 2019, accessed September 23, 2019 from https://www...
  • This snippet occurs a couple of time in the style. Simply delete all occurences.

    <if variable="issued" match="none">
    <group delimiter=" ">
    <text term="accessed"/>
    <date variable="accessed" form="text"/>
  • Perfect! - Thanks a lot for all your assistance. I have everything now the way I need it to be.
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