Debug ID D2000145016

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I have two computers that sync via WebDav, Computer A (Mac OS) and Computer B (Linux). both sync successfully, but also both do not successfully verify the server (there is a problem with server verification).
I checked some files that are not accessible from Computer B but accessible from Computer A --> those files are uploaded to the server. Thus, I did Reset File Sync History with the above Debug ID. Files are still not accessible on Computer B.

Debug ID for trying to access files on Computer B after executing the above mentioned Reset File Sync History:


What are the next steps?
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    HTTP GET https://[…]@[…]/zotero/H9YKGMMV.prop succeeded with 404

    Remote file not found for item 1/H9YKGMMV
    The file you tried to open doesn't exist on the WebDAV server. The Files Not Syncing page explains how to check that.
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