Missing DOIs in bibliography (Word, APA style)

I'm using Zotero with the Word Add-on and am having problems with the DOIs in the bibliography. For some few entries the Add-on just doesn't include the DOI in the bibliography even though it's there in Zotero. For all other entries of the same type (i.e. journal articles) it does include the DOI. I'm using APA style.
Does anyone have an idea about the reasons for this (e.g. any prerequisites for DOI inclusion?) or how to fix it?
Thanks a lot!
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    The APA style will always include a DOI if it’s available. If you open the Add/Edit Citation style on a citation that’s missing the DOI, click the blue bubble for the item, and click Show in [Library], does the item have a DOI? I suspect you might have some duplicates in your library, and the version cited is missing the DOI. You should merge (not delete) those duplicates.

    Another option, if there is no “Show in [Library]” button, that means this is an “orphan” item not connected to your library. That usually means you previously had duplicates, but you deleted one rather than merging. Go through your document and replace each case of the orphaned citation with a new citation to the item actually in your library.
  • Thanks a lot, you were right about the "orphans" and that fixed it!
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