APA Style, Zotero cites the first two authors et al. in text, not First et al, error

Hi, for the APA style 6th edition, I have a reference with 7 authors. Zotero cites First, Second, et al. (year) in text every time, instead of First et al., (year). Deleted the reference and reentered it in Zotero desktop, deleted manually all references from the text and readded them manually from the same library (to avoid any ambiguity), to no avail.

Any suggestions?
  • APA style specifies to add additional authors if necessary to disambiguate otherwise identical references. So, if you have two items that would be abbreviated (Jones et al., 2010), they might instead by abbreviated as (Jones, Smith, et al., 2010) and (Jones, Watson, et al., 2010). Zotero follows the APA style name formatting rules very carefully.

    See also: https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/given_name_disambiguation
  • Thanx a million! Yes, that makes sense and I hadn't known about this.
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