Generation Designations (Jr., III, etc.)

Per the SBL handbook § (which I believe follows Chicago on this point), generation designations in names should be handled as follows:
1. Tremper Longman III, “Form Criticism, Recent Developments in Genre Theory, and the Evangelical,” WTJ 47.1 (1985): 46–67.

3. Longman, “Form Criticism,” 58.

Longman, Tremper, III. “Form Criticism, Recent Developments in Genre Theory, and the Evangelical.” WTJ 47.1 (1985): 46–67.
The form for note 1. above can be achieved by including the generation (e.g., "III") in the surname field. But, then this currently repeats in subsequent notes after the surname (e.g., 3. above) and in the bibliography immediately after the surname rather than, as it should be, after the given name (thus: "Longman III, Tremper" rather than "Longman, Tremper, III").

Would it be possible to add a field for this generation information that could then be manipulated to produce the required style output? Or, since "Jr.", "III", and "IV" would pretty well cover the bases (there aren't many "the fifths" etc. running around writing things), would it be possible to amend the styles so that a surname ending in " Jr.", " III", or " IV" is automatically manipulated for subsequent notes (delete the generation) and bibliographies (extract the generation and put it after the given name) as the style manuals require?

Thank you so much!
  • I haven't tested output, but the correct way to enter Jr. etc. is as
    Lastname: Smith
    Firstname: Adam, Jr.

    Try if that works.
  • Enter these in the First (Given) name field following a comma, like this:
    Longman || Temper, III

    Zotero's citation processor will pick that up as a suffix and format it correctly for various styles.
  • Well I'll be. Thought for sure I'd tried that, but I guess not ... or not recently enough. Works like a charm.

    Thanks so much to you both!
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