Add folders to Zotero Standalone.

I couldnot figure out a way to add a folder(and its sub-folders) to Zotero standalone. Is the feature not available or am I missing something.
  • edited February 9, 2017
    1) They're collections, not folders. (Think of them more like playlists or photo albums, with items being able to exist in more than one.)

    2) The "New Collection…" button is the first button in the Zotero toolbar.
  • Thanks. What I was refering to is: I have a folder of several files on my disk. Can I put them into a collection, in one go. When I drag that folder and put into collections, it doesnt show in the zotero at all.
  • Dragging folders into Zotero isn't currently supported, but you can open the folder, select all the files and drag them into Zotero together.
  • I am having 100 pdf files in my local directory. But I can't drag and drop in bulk manner.. Also import option not support in bulk manner, it import only one file at a time.. Any option to bulk move local directory pdf files to zotero?
  • Import is for something different, but you'd have to say why you can't use drag&drop on multiple files. That certainly works in ZOtero in general
  • Yes.. Its working now.. Initially, the quick drag and drop not working.. After several trials I found that drag and drop with hold some times it shows one + symbol in zotero.. then if I drop it means its move now.. Thanks for your guidelines sir.. thanks..
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