Style Request: Changing make "Hrsg ." disappear

I apologize in advance for my "weird" English or any wrong sentence as I am french and not as fluent in English as i would hope

For information, my current code is

I am looking for a format like in this documents :

I am looking for a way to make it possible that if Marin E. and Gall C. publish an article in 2018, it look like [MARI18] in the text
(the First 3 or 4 letters of the first other and ignore the second authors to make the citation)

I choose to use DIN 1505-2 as a base, which is a German format.
The main "problem" for me was that it took first few letters from every authors
(in my example it will be [MAGA18])
If their is 4 authors, it take the initial of all 4 family name...

So, to "cheat" it, I modified it so that editors are right after authors and give Marin E. the sole status of Authors and Gall C. and every other authors the status of editors in zotero

And it worked well on the citation, I have [MARI18] now
except now, in the bibliography, I have "Marin E. ; Gall C.Hrsg. ; 2014 ; [...]" and now I want to get rid of this "Hrsg." that is from nowhere.
I found the Hrsg is an abbreviation for editor in German. So my cheating is responsible for this situation, it resolved the citation for the price of bibliography...

So, do you have a way to either :
keep the cheating and kill this "Hrsg." and make it disappear definitely ?
Resolve my citation in another way so that it does what i want without the cheating.

Thank you in advance

  • (Feel free to write in French.)

    A few things. There are a few places where you (and the original style) have some poor practices that might lead to unexpected results. I'll walk you through some of the things to look out for.

    First, regarding the "Hrsg." label, that is German for "Editor". Zotero/CSL can automatically translate standard terms like this. At the top of the style is "default-locale="de-DE". Either delete that if the style should be usable in multiple languages or change it to default-locale="fr-FR" if the style will only be used in French.

    Second, you (and the original style) have a lot of prefixes and suffixes with words in them (e.g., prefix="v. " for the volume section). It is almost always a better idea to use the CSL label and term variables in these cases. For example, rather than the "v. " prefix, add <label variable="volume" form="short"/> to the line above. Similarly, rather than specifying "pp. " as a prefix before page, add a line <label variable="page" form="short"/>.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
  • edited August 31, 2018
    Thank you for your fast answer
    I prefere to write in english as, often, we are not alone for trouble and the answers provided here could be usefull for more poeple if it is in english than in french

    I did made the adjustment you said. I do not understand why it would work better, but right now, it give the same results and you say it it better/cleaner. As i have no experience on programming in zotero, i will blindly trust you.

    Concerning the "Hrsg.", i would like for it to never appear. With your solution I now have "Ed." instead of "Hrsg." Do you have a solution ?
  • The the style, look for the author macro where you see <names variable="author">. Below that, delete the line with “label”. Be sure to check if there are multiple places authors are called.
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