api.zotero.org uses an invalid security certificate

I am unable to open my zotero account by signing in through "sync" option in zotero preferences" it is repeatedly giving an error message citing

api.zotero.org uses an invalid security certificate.

  • This is a problem on your computer or network. See SSL Certificate Error.
  • I read all your solutions, nothing worked
  • You'll have to say more. The linked instructions are complete.
  • I use Chrome (Windows) and I have followed the instructions

    In Chrome (Windows), click on the three-bars icon at the top right, go to More Tools –> Developer Tools, click the Security Tab, click on “View Certificate”, and look at the “Issued by” line. For full information, click the Details tab, click on Issuer, and look at the values for “CN” (Common Name) and “O” (Organization) below.

    Only to find that the certificate issuer is K7 Security antivirus. But disabling the security software didn't help as well. Please help
  • Right, so it's your security software. You'll need to ask their support how to fully disable the HTTPS scanning feature.
  • I have fully disabled the HTTPS scanning feature of the security software but still the problem persists
  • Which is why you need to ask their support. We can't help with third-party software. This isn't a problem in Zotero itself.
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