How to insert citation as [AUT, date]

Dear all,

As mentionned by the title of this post, I'd like to knwo if it possible to easily implement citation with the format [AUT, date]. I'd like to avoir the [number] style that I dislike.


  • are AUT capitalized author initials or the actual author name(s)? The latter is possible, the former isn't really, or at least it's not customizable. One such style exists:
  • Are you submitting to a specific journal or publisher? Can you post a link to a style guide?

    Any “author-date” style will have that general format, though most use parentheses rather than square brackets. It would be easy to modify a style to use brackets, but first provide more details about exactly what formatting you are looking for.
  • Hello, I am late by a few month, but I have the same trouble and would like to know if it is possible to modify the style DIN 1505-2
    if Authors are (Last name- first name) Abcdefg Hij and Zyx Wvu in 2016
    the citation is [ABZY16] which is not natural.
    I would like to have only [ABC16] or [ABCD16] but in any case, i do not want [ABCDERG16]
    Do you think it is possible ? If you do not understand what i mean, you can find an example of what i want here :
    (sorry it is in french)

    Thank you in advance
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