Non-CrossRef and Non-DataCite DOIs resolution


I digged a little bit into the Magic Wand and Zotero's DOI resolution mecanisms. There are 2 things I would like to figure out.

I found out that Zotero is able to resolve DOIs from EIDR and mEDRA, in addition to those from Crossref and DataCite.
I checked the content of the translators folder and discovered to other translators for Airiti and CNKI (2 other DOI providers).
Shouldn't their DOIs be resolved as well ?

Finally, I saw that there is also a DOI.js translator. Is this one used by the Magic Wand?
What is the link between DOI.js and CrossRef.js / DataCite.js / EIDR.js / mEDRA.js ?

Thanks in advance for your help.
  • Zotero 5.0.38 and up should use all available DOI providers to resolve DOIs. Are you not finding that to be the case? If so, what's a DOI that doesn't work?

    DOI.js is a generic web translator that scans pages for DOIs and starts search translation on those DOIs. The others are search translators that provide the lookup functionality.
  • Actually, the change in 5.0.38 was just for PDF metadata retrieval. Add Item by Identifier already should've been using all available DOI registrars.
  • Thanks @dstillman for your quick reply!

    I have 2 examples of DOIs not resolved by Zotero:

    10.6224/JN.60.3.88 (provded by Airiti)
    10.13328/j.cnki.jos.005529 (provided by CNKI)

    I'm not able to read the related JavaScript files and figure out why it goes wrong.
    Any idea why?
  • It looks like the Airiti translator (which hasn't been updated since 2014) is broken, at least for that DOI. CNKI is only a web translator, so that won't to resolve DOIs.
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    Ok, explains a few things.

    And is it correct if I say that there is no way to resolve DOIs of other registration agencies as of today (ISTIC, JaLC, KISTI, Publications Office, full list on
  • > And is it correct if I say that there is no way to resolve DOIs of other registration agencies as of today

    At least there might be no way by simply entering the DOI with the "magic wand" in Zotero. You can try out other ways as go to the resolved url and maybe there is a Zotero translator there or you find some BibTeX data etc. Moreover, someone can add a translator for them; ticket for EU PO is here .
  • Great !

    Passed most of the tests I made (with the following DOIs provided by Airiti):

    10.6531/1105aaa (failed)
    10.5870/1111 (failed)

    Still not sure why some pass and some fail.
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