Jupyter notebooks

Is Jupyter notebooks supported (item)? and how can I add them to my collection?

  • Can you provide more detail about what you want? What are Jupyter notebooks?
  • It is a json file with the ext .ipynb (stands for IPython NoteBook) you can get more information from https://jupyter.org
  • I don't think it makes a lot of sense to store Jupyter notebooks (which I use) in Zotero, to be honest. You can link to them, either locally or on the web, but I don't see why you'd want to store them in Zotero.

    For citing them, you'd just treat them like what they are, i.e. either a computer program or a publication (manuscript or report)
  • I just want to keep all my files in one place.
    In http://blog.juliusschulz.de/blog/ultimate-ipython-notebook article it talks about how to convert the notebook to a latex/pdf file.

    I was just wondering if there is a way to keep my notebooks (as is) in the zotero collection, so that any update I do will be stored, just wondering :-)

    I will try saving the notebook as "computer program" Or "manuscript" item and see, else I may convert it to another format (e.g. pdf).

  • Just to enrich this thread ...

    Citing the Jupyter Notebook in the scientific publication process
    By: Bernie Randles, Hope Chen
    At: JupyterConf Aug-2017

    See the video at:

    Don't miss the "cultural change" part :-)
  • I mean -- you _can_ store the file in Zotero I think. As long as it's a single file (which it is) that should work fine. I'd be worried about file organization, though. Wouldn't you call on other scripts from within the notebook?

    And you should definitely cite them, yes.
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    Yes I attache Jupyter notebook as a single file, then I use https://github.com/nteract/nteract to open the attached file, update and save.

    It works fine!

    For now I will not cite any! I use them for my notes only, I hope someday I will cite some published notebooks.

    Thanks :-)
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