webdav synology

I'm changing my webdav server from one at uni to one run on my local synology 415+ nas/server.

I don't seem to have had any trouble getting zotero to verify the new server and sync.
However, the third party app papership does not seem to be able to verify the server.
Does anyone have any advice about how to get it to join the party?
I understand from the papership people that there could be some issue with the last sync/txt file - I don't really understand this, but I can say that the new webdav server does have the most recent file present.

I have a screenshot of the error msg that papership provides. Here is the text:

not Verify Server
Please check your server credentials
Code=-1011 "Expected status code in
(200-299), got 404"
{N SLocal ized RecoveryS uggestio n =<!
OTO HTML 2.0//EN ">
<html>< head>
<title>404 Not Found</title>
</head>< body>
<h1 >Not Found</h1 >
<p> The requested URL /zotero/zotero/
lastsync.txt was not found on this
, NSErrorFailingURLKey=http://
: Ox17420c2f0> {URL: http://
lastsync.txt },
e: Ox175e326c0> { URL: http://
lastsync.txt } {status code: 404,
headers {
Connection= "Keep-Alive";
"Content-Length" = 224;
"Content-Type" = "text/html;
charset=iso-8859-1 ";
Date= "Sat, 27 Jun 2015 12:22:13
  • update: on my last attempt, papership on my ipad now seems to verify the server and is able to pull down files off the webdav on my synology. I'd stil curious if anyone can explain the magic for me, but for now it seems to be working!
  • What did you do about the lastsync.txt file? I am having the same issue. The lastsync.txt file does not exist in the "zotero" folder in my box.com. Should I create this file?
  • I'm having this issues as well.
    Any ideas on how to resolve it?
  • Apparently you have to add lastsync.txt to the the zotero folder. It would be nice if that were documented somewhere.
  • Zotero 5 doesn't, I believe, use lastsync.txt anymore, which means it'd generally not work well with papership WebDAV.
  • That would appear to be true, that zotero 5 doesn't use lastsync.txt anymore. However adding it manually allowed papership to verify the server and synchronize changes.
  • But since lastsync actually was meant to do something (i.e., save the time of the last sync), I'd expect sync to behave erratically if you just add the file statically.
  • I see. Is there a better option?
  • As in a viable iOS app? I'm afraid not.
  • Sorry, I meant is there a better option to get papership to sync.

    Though if there were an alternative that would be nice to know about as well.
  • Considering that PaperShip hasn’t been updated in a year, I don’t think that it is likely this issue will be fixable. The best ways to work with Zotero on iOS are the Zotero.org website or Zotfile’s Send to Tablet feature.
  • Hi eiselesr or adam, do you know where I can get the lastsync.txt file so that I can manually put it under Zotero folder? Also, do you know if manually doing so is actually creating any syncing problems, given that Zotero 5 doesn't use this .txt file any more?

    I am still struggling with finding a good iPad app that can sync with Zotero library.

    Thank you!
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