Stand-Alone: Can't use Roman numerals

Dear all,

A little nuisance here with ZSA 4.0.29: When I try to quote pages which have Roman numerals (which appear quite often in introductions etc.) in my word processing programme, ie. Libre Office, that becomes a problem.
I open the Insert-Citation-dialogue, write the title and Zotero finds it. I press space and want to enter the page number(s), but then Zotero is looking into my database for other titles with those Roman numerals. If it finds some, it offers me those; if not, it gets stuck, ie. I have to delete the numerals and can only insert the citation as such.
I can insert the pages I want when the quotation has appeared in my document, but as I said, that's a nuisance.
Any suggestions?
At least I did not have the problem with Roman numerals described here:

but it seems that those are tricky for more than one person.
Thanks already for your help.
  • You should be able to insert roman page numbers by clicking on the citation in the quick format bar and then just filling them into the page field. The only thing that doesn't work is just typing them in -- which makes sense, since they're very difficult for Zotero to distinguish from you adding another citation.
  • Ah, alright, that did the trick. Thanks a million for the quick reply and help.

    This also covers another problem I had, namely inserting page numbers that have a hyphen. Sometimes, eg. in books that reproduce art, page 10 actually consists of two pages: 10-a showing the picture or whatnot and 10-b with an accompanying text.

    My quick citation bar was always looking for another page after the hyphen (say: 10-12) and was stuck with "10-b." Now I know how to deal with that.
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