err msg.: "an error is occured. Please restart firefox"

I'm experiencing quite frequently an unexpected error message.the report ID is: 744588850. The message is quite generic ("an error is occured. Please restart firefox.") so I can't really say why it is happening and what can trigger it. What I can say is that it happens almost every day and one or two times per day. And that i noticed (but that occurred also in the past)an extreme low responsiveness when I open the database, or go to the root library folder; I have some thousand records in my library (don't know though how to count them), but the standalone application just to give an idea is much more responsive, so it is the application that I have on my Mac at home. Do you have any clue? I already tried the usual check of database integrity, but doesn't seem to have a real infleunce.
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  • fixed in the current beta (we'd think, at least):

    For responsiveness, is your tag selector on the left open? Try closing it.
  • I see, thanks. Will try the new beta as soon as it is available.

    No the tag selector is closed.
  • pretty sure the beta is already available.
  • sorry but you're takning about a beta vesrion; however this happens with the firefox extension too, which is not a beta. I have the 4.0.22
  • yeah, that's understood. But the current beta fixes that. (The beta is only for the Firefox version, you'll have to wait for 4.0.23 for the fix to be available in Standalone).
  • oh sorry I didn't know it existed also beta builds between regular versions.
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