Ipad app - error: “invalid item type selected”

I hope somebody can help me or has encountered this problem before. I have just installed Zotero on my ipad and added two articles (pdf) to zotero to trial citation and bibliography.
However when I select either option, an error message show that says “invalid item type selected”
Any idea what I am doing wrong?
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    You need to create a parent item with metadata in order to create a citation or bibliography.

    When saving to Zotero, make sure you're saving from the article page where possible, not from the PDF directly. Zotero will automatically attach the PDF if you have access to it.

    Note that the desktop app will automatically try to retrieve metadata for PDFs you add, but that's not yet available on iOS, so you'll need to save from an article page, create a parent item manually, or retrieve metadata for the PDF on the desktop first.
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