ID: 220061550 / Error importing RIS

When I try to import my RIS file, I always get an error report saying that there's an internal script blocking it. The import is from a citavi library export my colleague send me. The file looks ok to me at first glance.

The first 10 entries of my file get imported, then it stops.
Any suggestions how I can solve this?
Thank you!
  • Can you provide a Debug ID (different from a Report ID) for an import attempt that fails?
  • This one: D1408117488 ?
  • edited 17 days ago
    TypeError: entry.tags.indexOf is not a function
    OK, sorry about that — that's a bug in some new code we recently added to handle imports from Citavi. We'll fix ASAP.
  • (Actually, it looks like this bug has been around for years — you're just the first to encounter and/or report it. There's different code for actually importing a library from Citavi, so most people aren't using RIS from Citavi.)
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