Word 2010?

Seeing as the MS Office 2010 Beta is now available for download, I was just wondering if there were any plans to update the Zotero Word Plugin for Word 2010?

I downloaded the beta yesterday and have been pleased with it so far, expect for the lack of Zotero integration.

Just curious.


  • Hello,

    I also would like to upgrade to MS Office 2010, but I absolutely need zotero ^^
    Usually there shouldn't be too much adopting, right?
  • Have you tried the Zotero Word plugin with Word 2010? We haven't done extensive testing yet, but Word 2010 seems to work fine with Zotero 2.0b7.5 and the relevant Word plugin (currently 3.0a3). If you encounter any specific problems, please let us know.
  • I've installed (and am happily using!) the Firefox 3.6 beta with Zotero. Unfortunately, the Zotero Word plugin doesn't seem to be compatible. Once this gets worked out, I will definitely try it with MS Word 2010 and see if it works.

  • @sean

    you're right, after short time of testing I can say that there are no problems!
    will tell you if I find anything...
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    I just forced an install of the Word Plugin in Firefox 3.6 beta by using Nightly Tester Tools and tested it out with the Word 2010 beta. Seems to work great!

  • I'm not sure that I can get Zotero to integrate with Word 2010. I'm using firefox 3.6 and zotero 2.0 and WinWord Integration Plugin 3.0a3.

    First, maybe I am just missing it with the new "ribbon" format of word. Under which tab are the Zotero options located?

    If I'm not just missing it, what else can I do to integrate the two? I've tried reinstalling word components, but when I click the button, nothing seems to happen.


  • I think it's in the Add-in tab.
    Otherwise, all the advice here applies:
  • I'm having the same problem of not being able to get the zotero toolbar to show up. I cannot find the template listed under the add-ins. Maybe I am also not familiar enough with the 2010 layout, but is there a step I am missing to make it show up?

    I am using zotero 2.02, word plug in 3.0a3, and word 2010 beta (32 bit, i believe. i'm running XP, so i assume that the office download was 32 bit; i wasn't given an option).

    I've tried clicking the "reinstall word components" button and restarting both firefox and word, but nothing seems to happen. I've tried all the other troubleshooting options. Any idea what i'm missing? I really need this to work, so any ideas would be most welcome!
  • I am using zotero 2.02, word plug in 3.0a3, and word 2010 beta (32 bit, i believe. i'm running XP, so i assume that the office download was 32 bit; i wasn't given an option).
    and i am having the same problem greatings
  • The manual install worked for me

  • I had the same problem and this is how I have solved it:

    After you install Firefox plugin for office it should put "Zotero.dot" file in this location:
    where "user_name" is your login name in Windows

    If the file is there and it does not load on startup do this:
    1. Go to Word options (press big office bubble button, and then "Word Options")
    2. Select Add-Ins
    3. At the bottom of the page in the field "Manage:" select "Word Add-ins" and press "Go"
    4. In a new window called "Templates and Add-ins" press "Add..." button and select your "Zotero.dot" file from STARTUP location and press "OK" two times to close both windows

    After this you will not even need to restart Word, because Add-Ins menu will appear in menu bar and it will load each time you will start Word application.

    my system: Win7 32-bit
  • dkostas: Does the startup folder path displayed in the Templates and Add-ins window match the path where Zotero installed Zotero.dot? Your workaround shouldn't be necessary unless Word is actually using a different path.
  • Before trying this I have checked which path Word uses for startup file and it was correct. The file was also present. So I do not know what is the actual problem. I tried to open Zotero.dot file and Word was opening with Zotero Add-In present, but restarting Word it goes away.
  • And, just to confirm, your startup path in File Locations is the same as the path you see in the Templates and Add-ins window?
  • yes, both paths are the same, but I have figured out that I use Office 2007, not 2010 version. I was testing 2010 office some time ago and probably messed up something.
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