ZoteroBib : Find my lost bibliography in my browser’s local storage (Edge)

Hello !

My computer is dead but thank god my hard drive isn't.

I've found my bibliography stocked with Chrome but I cannot find where is the file created with Edge (in my browser’s local storage). Could someone save my life please ?
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    But you didn't use "Link to this version" at all? That would be the way to back up a ZoteroBib bibliography.

    Your best bet at this point would be to transfer all the Edge files from within the AppData or Application Support folder on your hard drive to the new one and hope that the new installation picks it up. On a Mac that's /Users/:username:/Library/Application Support/Microsoft Edge (where "Default" is the default profile). On Windows it looks like that might be %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Edge\User Data. But you'd have to read up on that if it doesn't work — this isn't ZoteroBib-specific in any way.
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