Openoffice plugin (ubuntu) removes all document formatting

When using the openoffice plugin, all document formatting gets removed upon adding a citation. This includes indentations, double spacing etc. Also, the toolbar decides to move itself to the top, displacing the standard toolbar buttons.
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    not sure about the position of the toolbar - it changes when you insert a citation? That seems unlikely. Otherwise, you should be able to just move the standard toolbar back where it came from, displacing the Zotero one in turn.
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    The issue isn't with the inserted citation though. I had several paragraphs typed up, double spaced, properly indented, and well formatted. Upon inserting a citation, I was left with a block of text with no indentation, single spaced and no formatting. I then had to go back and reformat the whole thing.
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    oh sorry, the article I linked to isn't clear on this:
    Zotero reformats the entire paragraph in your default style - so changing the default style will still solve the issue.

    Edit: I've adjusted the article - I'm not sure about the Word terminology, though, would be nice if someone could help.
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    I've been having the same problem myself... Why would Zotero reformat the paragraph? Wouldn't it make more sense to maintain the current format of the paragraph? I frequently have different formats across different sections of a document in the early stages of my writing and I don't want to be stuck with the default format. Is there any way to prevent Zotero from doing this?
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    I find that often the default formatting is not what I end up using consistently throughout a paper (bullets, block quotes, etc. come to mind) and find it rather tiring to have Zotero re-format my paragraph for me. Can't the information be inserted using the current paragraph formatting?

    Zotero 2.0b7.6
    Openoffice 3.0.1
    Linux (Fedora 10)
  • Same problem with the Mac version of OpenOffice. Very annoying. This seems to have popped up recently.

    Also, has anyone here had the experience of the Zotero bibliography wiping out all text that follows it. I reported it in a different thread, but wondered if anyone here has had that happen?
  • Same problem with the formatting on:
    Win7 64bit
    Firefox 3.5.7
    Zotero 2.0b7.6 and OO Integration 3.0.a5
    OpenOffice 3.1.1

    Please fix this soon, dear Zotero developers :-)
  • After some updates the issue is less severe. Only the spacing between lines is changed upon insertion of a citation.
    Win7 64bit
    Firefox 3.6
    Zotero 2.0.2 and OO Integration 3.0.a7
    OpenOffice 3.2
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