New Style: Storia e regione/Geschichte und Region

I've tried to look for some similar style or to edit it by myself, but I did not find one or reach a decent result.

The journal needing its own citation style is "Storia e regione/Geschichte und Region", a bilingual publication from South Tyrol - Italy. This year the journal turns 20 and has a much broader scope and "name" than regional/local. The journal is at the top end of the quality range of Italian publications (A-Class) and in the ERIH catalogue too.
ISSN 1121-0303

The style documentation is here:
The issues older than two years are OA: here one issue to compare the differents articles and clarify the style guidelines

Note before giving a sample: the words in caps are actually in small caps!
And there is no bibliography: Citations are always in the footnotes, the first time expanded and then always "reduced". If automatic adaptation to first-second is not possible, I think a style in the classic 'In-Text' and 'Bibliography' mode would also suffice, leaving the authors to edit manually. They already save a lot of time using Zotero!

- article-journal: Name N. SURNAME/Name N. SURNAME, Title. In: container title, volume (year), issue, pages.
John L. CAMPBELL/Ove K. PEDERSEN, The varieties of capitalism and hybrid success. In:
Comparative Political Studies 40 (2007), 3, 307–332.
- chapter: Name N. SURNAME/Name N. SURNAME, Title. In: Name N. SURNAME/Name N. SURNAME (Ed./Eds.), container-title, pub. place year, pages.
Isabela MARES, Firms and the welfare state: When, why, and how does social policy matter to employers?. In: Peter A. HALL/David SOSKICE (Eds.), Varieties of capitalism. The institutional foundations of comparative advantage, New York 2001, 184–213.

Reduced: SURNAME/SURNAME, title abbr., year, page(s).
- CAMPBELL & PETERSEN, varieties of capitalism, 2007.
- MARES, Firms, 2001

Thank you for your work!
Ciao dall'Italia

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