Storage Quota on Unlimited Account

Hi, we have an unlimited Zotero account, but my team members are getting messages that one particular folder has "reached its storage quota and needs to be increased by the owner." Could you help me resolve this?
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    Storage counts against the group owner's quota, and some of your groups are owned by users who have reached their storage quotas. A group owner can transfer the group from the group settings online.
  • If I'm understanding correctly, my colleague--who owns the folder--needs to transfer ownership to me since I have an unlimited subscription, right? Is this something I can do as the administrator or does my colleague have to transfer ownership. I don't see any options for "Manage profile" or "Manage Members."
  • Your colleague needs to initiate the transfer and then you need to accept the transfer, so both of you need to be involved.
  • Okay, so my colleague who is the owner of the folder told me that she also has unlimited storage and is getting the message that she has reached her storage quote.
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    No one would be getting this for a group where the owner has unlimited storage. Again, you're in multiple groups with owners at their quota.

    If you can't figure it out, provide a Debug ID for a sync where you're getting this, but the error message it shows you identifies the group in question.

    (Also, just to clarify the terminology here, this is about "libraries", including group libraries. There are no "folders" in Zotero.)
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