Copy bibtex entry to clipboard

When I'm working on a Latex document, I like keeping all my bibliography in one file specific to that document. Zotero isn't very useful in this case, because if I want to get a bibtex reference for a specific article, it forces me to save it in a separate file, which I then have to open and copy/paste the contents into my main bibliography file.

So I'd like to propose a new feature: add a "copy to clipboard" option to the "export items" menu when a compatible translator is selected. That way I don't have to save a new file every time I want to export something, I can just copy the bibliography entries straight to my clipboard and paste it wherever I want it to be.
  • You can already use quick copy for bibtex, see

    More generally, I'd recommend using the Better BibTeX add-on, which can automatically keep .bib files updated for you.
  • interesting... I guess I need to RTFM :) thanks, now I can just ctrl+shift+c and paste it wherever I want! The addon you mentioned looks nice, but I like to keep my bibliography files minimal, containing only the references I actually use in my document. It's just easier to navigate it that way.
  • You still should use BBT. E.g., Zotero export alone does not guarantee stable/unambiguous citkeys. (BBT also has a filter option that will just create the .bib file for you based on the .aux, so just containing the items used)
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