Changing default directory for attaching stored copy of file

Is there some way to change the default directory for the “Add Attachment” -> “Attach Stored Copy of File”? It just pops up my home directory, and I’d like it to default to a more convenient directory. I’m using RedHat Linux, and I’m not even sure if Zotero has control over this. I don’t think it’s in the menus, but is there a hidden option somewhere? I’m trying to avoid the drag-and-drop for accessibility reasons.
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    It should default to the folder you last used — that's what it does for me on macOS. Does it not for you? I can't test on Linux at the moment.
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    An upcoming version will also make it possible to just open PDFs from the filesystem via Zotero to add them as attachments, which sounds like it might work better for you if drag-and-drop isn't an option.

    Note also that one normally would just save from an article page online, or, if that wasn't an option, save the PDF directly from the web via the Save to Zotero button. Adding files from the filesystem isn't usually the best way to go, unless a file is coming from email or similar.
  • I took a closer look and it’s opening my “Recents” folder, which is full of files I’ve accessed recently, but not the folders I’ve visited.

    I like that new option! Anything that will possibly let me script is great!

    Yes, I certainly plan to save new PDFs via the connector! I’ve got a huge collection of PDFs already saved to a folder, and that’s what I’m dealing with now. A good fraction of them are no longer free for me to download again (or were actually scanned from physical journals because there is no web copy).

    Thank you!
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