Library/folder structure

For every new research area, I maintain the same folder structure within Zotero, e.g.,

Research Area A
Folder 1A; Folder 2A; Folder 3A
Research Area B
Folder 1B; Folder 2B; Folder 3B

Is there a way I can copy a folder structure from a previous hierarchy to populate with new literature?
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    Make a master structure for your areas using a root collection and appropiate subcollections, i.e.:

    -- Folder 1A
    -- Folder 2A
    -- Folder 3A

    Export the root collection ('Area') to your file system.
    For this to be possible, the root collection 'Area' must contain at least one item. Suggestion: Use a standalone note (i.e. 'About') to describe the area. This is not required for the subcollections.

    If you want to create a new area, just import the exported collection into your library and rename accordingly. You can then move the entire new collection to the desired place.
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