Group Library not syncing


Error ID: 703521506
Debugging ID:

My dedicated Subcollection under a group library won't sync to Web storage. I have 2,449 entries (items not files) on the desktop app. None are showing up on Web (No items in this view).

Only when the number of my items decreased after extensive deletion (101,208 to 2,449) did I enable automatic sync so that the server might sync smoothly with the diluted weight.

At the beginning of the project each Subcollection had tens and hundreds of thousand references inside. Even then, my folder would sync despite taking too long. Now the number dropped by more than half (400,713 Group Library entries in total).


1) When I click the sync icon, the green arrow rotates. Sometimes for a few seconds, a handful of minutes or even hours. Until it suddenly gets replaced by a red exclamation mark.
2)From the very get-go I had "Sync full-text content" and "Sync attachment files in group library" disabled. I even deleted all files (I do not need them) from the directory in my computer's internal storage.
3) The Zotero standalone I am using doesn't need updating.
4) I have had endless attempts at syncing, almost a month. I upgraded my Windows OS running setup as well (CPU i9, 64GB RAM).
5) I am still using the same client computer.
6) I accessed the links: | Didn't help.
7) "GROUP LIBRARY NAME" is enabled in the Advanced Preferences sync pane.
8) I refresh the webpage every now and then but alas...

Also, My Library has +13k items that I have been trying to get rid off. I deleted everything from Desktop, but suddenly the aforementioned number appears on Web. I know it is a dangerous decision to make but I do not have anything valuable at stake so I am cognisant of the risks. So I ended up "Purging Storage in My Library". It's now at 0MB of "Current Usage" but the 13k items are still there.

Please note that I had syncing My Library disabled so it does not clash with the Group Library syncing request sent to the server. Solving the GL synchronization issue is more crucial for the advancement of the project. Your help is much appreciated XD

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    When I click the sync icon, the green arrow rotates. Sometimes for a few seconds, a handful of minutes or even hours. Until it suddenly gets replaced by a red exclamation mark.
    What does it say when you click on it?

    We also need a Debug ID for a sync attempt, as explained in Changes Not Syncing. You provided a Report ID.

    From your Report ID it looks like you're getting timeouts, but we'd need to see a Debug ID to say more. But the group library you're trying to sync has >900,000 items (including child items) online, which is…a lot of items.
  • Hello! Missed typing out that Debug ID, sorry my bad.

    Here is another one for a new sync attempt just now, it took me more than a day to sustain a Zotero session because it kept on crashing and closing all of a sudden, with no error window or report afterwards.

    Debug ID -- D1633068997
    Report ID -- 1989212029

    What does it say when you click on it? : "Request timed out"

    The >900,000 items (including child items) are perfectly syncing for other folks on the project. What's weirder is that the entire Group Library had double the number of items almost two months ago, and my stuff would sync easily....
  • (3)(+0000000): Loading relations for items in M[…]

    (4)(+0000000): SELECT itemID, predicate, object FROM items LEFT JOIN itemRelations USING (itemID) LEFT JOIN relationPredicates USING (predicateID) WHERE libraryID=? [2]

    (1)(+0000007): Rolled back DB transaction r7VZBHlR

    (1)(+0000000): Failure arg 1 [mozIStorageAsyncConnection.createAsyncStatement]

    (1)(+0000001): NS_ERROR_FAILURE Exception: Failure arg 1 [mozIStorageAsyncConnection.createAsyncStatement]
    You're getting a different error there for the sync (and a weird one we haven't seen before, so quite possibly related to the library size), not the "Request timed out" error. Are you able to provide a Debug ID for a sync that actually triggers the "Request timed out" error? It looks like you triggered it after submitting the Debug ID but before submitting the Report ID. (We don't need the latter.)
  • Now Zotero is closing on its own too erratically. Sometimes I get the "Request timed out" error. And sometimes I get this:

    Failure arg 1 [mozIStorageAsyncConnection.createAsyncStatement] ----> Report ID: 889429276.

    Back to the "Request timed out" error TODAY ON Nov 27: I managed to reproduce it.
    I'm a bit slow with things. So you mean I do not use “Restart with Logging Enabled…” to generate debug output from Zotero startup. Right? I instead go for: "Enable" --> "Submit output" ...

    If so, here is the new Debug ID: D1851477010

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    We need a Debug ID that actually shows the sync resulting in the timeout error. The Debug ID you provided doesn’t show a sync attempt at all. See the instructions again — they’re written quite carefully.
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