zotero referencing site down? 23/9/21

I think the referencing part of Zotero is not working. When I type in ISBN numbers or any other identifier it gives me that message "could not find any identifiers in your input..". Even for books I have done before that worked fine last time. It has done this before. I tried changing wifi, computer, logging in and out ect. Nothing helped. Eventually and I gave up ad come back the next day and it worked fine. Any idea when the site will be back up and running smoothly?
  • No Zotero services are down. Zotero uses various third-party services to look up ISBNs, and we have no control over the availability of those, but there's no general problem.

    If an ISBN isn't resolving for you, we'd want the ISBN in question and a Debug ID for a lookup attempt that failed.
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