Importing from Mendeley freezes halfway

Hello, I am using the Mendeley online importer on Zotero beta on Windows. I can successfully log in to Mendeley and the Importing... bar goes to halfway but stops in the middle. I have let it run for over an hour three times now. When I X out of this window, my Zotero has imported my folders and 125 items but I have 730. Worse, after re-trying twice, the 125 items that did import now have duplicated annotations imported from Mendeley. Any idea why this is happening?
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    Can you provide a Debug ID for the import process through a couple minutes of the freeze?

    (We can deal with the duplicated annotations later.)
  • Hi, the ID is D314418202. An update, after I posted this thread yesterday I checked my storage and saw that it had reached 100% so I upgraded to 2 GB. I then deleted everything from my Zotero library and started over with the import process. I am now stuck at 89 items, after three attempts. This is the Debug ID for the latest attempt at importing. With this new round, I am having the duplicated annotations issue again.

    Thank you!
  • Don't delete anything until we've troubleshooted this — you'll just make it take longer and make it less likely to work. Again, we can deal with the duplicate annotations separately later.

    Can we get a second Debug ID for another attempt? I'd like to see if it's hanging in the same place.
  • D1696700235. I let it run for a few hours.
  • OK, it's hanging on a specific file, and another is taking a weirdly long time.

    Can you paste STPRB7D8 and DF7FLVS9 (separately) into the Zotero search bar in All Fields & Tags mode, right-click, Show File, and then email the PDFs in question to with a link to this thread so that we can try to reproduce this?
  • Email sent, thank you!
  • Thanks — the hanging should be fixed in the latest beta version. You can update via Help → Check for Updates.

    If you're still seeing the duplicated annotations, we can debug that separately.
  • Thank you so much, I was able to import my entire Mendeley library!

    The duplicated annotations still exist for the first 89 files (before it started hanging). There's now 5 copies of every annotation for these files since I tried importing 5 times. It's not too big of a deal but it'd be nice to clean these up if possible.
  • We'll look into why that would've happened, but in your case you would need to fix manually or deleting everything and reimport once. Any fix will just be to the importer, not for existing annotations.
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