Mindmap for numerous articles, like Zotero+Docear,if possible?

edited 9 days ago
Dear Zotero:
Personally, Zotero is almost the easiest way to get cites and full articles today, after my undergoing several other tools for years. It's hard to believe that it is free and open-source. Salute you!
Could it be possible to add in the function of mindmap knowledge file structure? There lies in great pains in handling numerous papers after acquiring them as a researcher. I read a lot, I forget a lot. See only the trees, not the forest. Mindmap relations between papers may be a solution, just like what Docear and Citavi do. But It's really a pity that Docear, an open-source software, has stopped update for years because of funds and time.
I have tried the Beta version of Zotero. I appreciate the big efforts in reading, annotating PDFs, and many other changes. Thank you very much. I am not sure whether there is still some space in organizing papers from the bird view of articles.
Thank you for your dedication to science, and to us.
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